Softies(TM);The Softest Bracelets You'll Ever Wear!

Posted Nov 15, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Giftbearer's new, revolutionary Softies(TM)line may just be the most comfortable jewelry you'll ever wear!

First invented in 2005, these combine beadwork and very soft yarn to create a look and feel that is pleasing to the eye, and a great fit.

These come in many different colors, and have a multi-cultural style on the cutting edge of fashion. Made with light-weight materials, but fringed with many dangles, they burst forth in exciting waves of beaded exuberance.

The bracelets are made in many wrist sizes, and can also be custom-made to size and color specifications. Most retail for $60.00, but prices may vary depending on the width of the band and labor-time involved.

Necklaces are in the works.

Quantity orders can be arranged with a minimum of 10 pieces purchased pre-paid, and with the furnishing of a tax I.D. and other proof of a gallery or brick and mortar shop.

If you are an individual or a store owner and are interested in buying one of these and/or seeing more of them, please go to my site at and see what I have available.

Special orders can be placed by contacting me via Etsy's "Conversations" private messaging system or through their "Alchemy" system. The turn-around time is 3-4 weeks, (but you may be pleasantly surprised if I happen to have all the colors/materials needed for yours in stock and it doesn't take that long). Special orders for Christmas should be placed and fully paid for by Friday, December 8th, 2006 to ensure timely deivery. Gift-wrapping is available upon request at no extra charge for the Christmas season.

These will make great Christmas gifts!


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Gifts From The Sugar Maple

Revolutionary, soft, mixed-media bracelet bursting with glass leaf dangles!

Mardi Gras Nightlife

Butter-soft black fringed Softies(TM)mixed-media bracelet is quite comfortable and uses irridesent E-beads, facetted glass beads, and frosted glass fringe end beads, creating abundantly full and lively dangles!

Holly Berries

Gorgeous, red, lusciously soft yarn and hand-dyed bright red matching wooden beads, as well as freshwater pearls, 22Kt. delica\'s and lumious transparent red fringe end beads made of glass, give this Softies(TM) bracelet the ultimate frestive holiday look!