Inclusion (2004) Reference-Richard Ozanne

Posted Apr 7, 2007
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012

2004 Biographical Inclusion, ABI Biographical Institute, (Reference) "Leading Intellectuals of the World," 2 Page Inclusion (c.2004), Library of Congress Washington DC

1989-2008 Biographical Inclusions for Various Nominations for Publications in Reference Books (more than 100 in number):

Masters of Today (Europe) 2007,08

Encyclopedic Dictionary of  Modern and Contemporary

Commenduci, Italian Arts Whos Who

Art (Italy) 2007,08 (Artists Blue Book)

Barons 500 Whos Who

Strathmore Whos Who

2006 Great Minds, ABI Biographical Institute

2006 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century, (Numerous Nominations and Inclusions)

Some Inclusions:

2002 Leading Intellectuals of the World:

2001 Whos Who of Professionals Gibralter Publications, Whos Who Historical Publications

2001 Millenium Hall of Fame, ABI Biographical Institute Research Association (Inclusion) Library of Congress Washington DC

1999-2000 Millenium Hall of Fame, Biographical Inclusions

1998 First Edition (Dedication of the Artist Richard Ozanne) Millenium Hall of Fame, American Biographical Research Organization, 2 Page Inclusion, Library of Congress Washington DC (World Libraries)

1997, Who's Who of Intellectuals, Cambridge IBC Publications

1996, 500 Leaders of Influence, ABI American Biographical, Library of Congress

1996, Whos Who in the West, Marquis Whos Who

1995 Men of Achievement, IBC Cambridge Publications

1994, "First 500" IBC Cambridge Publications

1993, 2000 Personalities of the World, ABI Biographical Institute

1990-911, Encyclopedia of Living Artists 5th Edition, Director Guild Publishers, (Work on Cover (2 page inclusion) Library of Congress ISBN 0-940899-06-X,08994064, Cataloging Number-88-652187

1990, Diciple Magazine, 2 Page Artical and Inclusion

1990, Whos Who of Raising Americans in Arts and Business, Marquis Whos Who





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