Posted Mar 25, 2008
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
          When we view a scene, whether it on the screen, or print media, what we see in the background is very important. Sometimes we don't even think we notice the background, however our brain does register it. The foreground, is of course the focal point, but whats lurking in the background is what really sets the mood! I really enjoy creating these scenes, which could be called landscapes or seascapes, but I tend to love creating what some may call "dreamscapes"!
           Dreamscapes are paintings or scenes that tend to be a little more creative than just ordinary backgrounds. I might add, they seem to carry a twinge of surrealism in content. My dreamscapes, are often inspired by dreams( as the name suggests), but can also be inspired by  fantasy places that invite the viewer to visually dwell in ethereal  pleasantries and beauty!


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