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Simple Lie

Posted Apr 28, 2005
Last Updated Jun 22, 2012

I'm the devil with the hush hush heart
She said in a whisper I know who you are
Well I know about you the pig inside
and the heartless parts you try to hide

Never again will I trust in someone
controling me like it's their life
Never again will I feel so empty
Blinded by simple lie's

Theres a hole you left here I don't want anymore
Cause it's so much bigger than it was before
It's hard to see who I used to be
Through the void all trust escaping me

I need this
To feel better
I don't want this
God Damn her


Through my mistakes I've come to understand
Those things that hurt me will never happen again
No fogiveness for your selfishness
theres only my anger
Nothing you say can take away from
My closure I'm ending this

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