Sea Dream in Blue 1

Posted Mar 1, 2009
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Sea Dream in Blue 1


One lives and dreams of the sea on this enchanted island. The freedom of space and cool sea breezes with dreams of peace, freedom, salt air and happiness! Suthirak, in thoughtful mood looks to the sea, the sky, the surrounding islands, the beaches and the balmy tropical breezes and captures them all on his canvases but with the fresh memory of a devastating tsunami in his saddened heart. Thus, the eternal white of the purity of his dream island and the vibrant greens and blues of the island itself, with pink to red for the love and passion evoked in such a sea dream that is colored by the terrible memory of lost lives and ruined foreshores. But there is hope, as envisaged by Suthirak, in the yellow of new life and a bright future as understood in the soul of the artist Suthirak in his passionate Sea Dream series.



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