Traditional Miniature Paintings- Tiny Jewels

Posted Apr 25, 2009
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Approaching Royal
Ralphie Too!
Wood Duck drake
Serious Business- Little Cowboy

It has been an interesting "artistic" journey, and I believe I have found my "home".  I have been doing traditional miniatures and really love them.  They are so highly detailed and it is a challenge to see how small I can go and yet have the great detail needed, as well as  being able to enlarge or magnify and still stand up to scrutiny.  Traditional miniatures are meant to be seen under magnification and are tiny jewels of artwork.  They can be held in the hand and stem from very old traditions dating back to illuminations in books and Bibles to the portraits painted before photography existed.  I do still enjoy doing a bit of scratchart or other work now and then just to keep things fresh tho!  I had to give up doing the scratchart so much as I have wrist "issues" which just wouldn't allow it full-time. 

Several of my pieces are now showing at gallery miniature shows:    and

The Seaside show is available to check out online with nearly 500 paintings!



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Dec 15, 2015

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The Stone Bridge

Miniature Landscape-2.5\"x3.5\"- Opaque Watercolor (gouache)