Miniature art- Tiny Jewels

Posted Jul 23, 2009
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Elk Calf   4.5" x 2.62"  a
Coyote Sunset
Leisure Time- 3.5 x 3.5  acrylic
Evening Prelude- 6.6" x 2.5&quo
I continue to enjoy painting these traditional miniatures.  I was in several shows this spring and will be submitting to several this fall and winter, including the Fells Point Annual North American Miniature Art Exhibition 
(Art Gallery of Fells Point, Inc. * 1716 Thames St. * Baltimore,  MD * 21231   Phone:410-327-1272
and the Elder Street Gallery
1101 Elder Street
Houston,TX 77007
  I also plan to submit to several competitions- haven't totally decided which ones at this point, but believe I will submit to MASF show in Florida this winter and
The Cider Painters of America 26th Annual International Exhibit of Miniature Art   Oct 19th through November 29th
The Vgogh Gallery
281 Wyoming Ave
Kingston, Pennsylvania
  I have begun a blog which I try to update at least weekly, lately it's been a bit more often:   I let you see a bit of art, sometimes "in the making", a bit of how I find what I want to paint, and a glimpse into my personal life.  I hope you will visit it and my website: - for more of my work.


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Dec 15, 2015

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Elk Calf close-up

Here you can get a feel for the size and detail by comparing to a penny.