Reflections on Dances

Posted Apr 30, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Reflections on Dances

An exhibition by Roo Sangster-Bullers (artist) and Ro Hancock-Child (pianist) for Open Studios 2005.

25 years ago Ro Hancock-Child and I taught together at a school in Brentford for a year. It was our first teaching job, she in the music department, myself in drama. We were firm friends from our first meeting.

After that year Ro left to pursue a career as a pianist and I continued for a further 9 years before leaving to become a full time artist.

Ro moved house, we moved house, I changed school. Somehow, sadly, we lost contact. Time moved on. 25 years flew by.

Imagine my utter delight last year to receive a letter from Ro. She had been on holiday in Norfolk and, looking through the Norfolk Arts brochure, she saw a painting she liked. She looked at the title and artist and couldn?t believe what she saw. It was one of my paintings. She wrote immediately. We happily picked up our friendship exactly where we had left off, 25 years ago.

For Christmas, Ro sent me a CD of dances that she had recorded. They were vibrant, energetic and foot tapping.

We thought that working on a collaboration of Music and Art would be huge fun and so I began interpreting the dances in paint.

Through e-mails and photos, (Ro lives in Staffordshire), we have worked on this exhibition together and produced 25 paintings and dances (4 of them composed by Ro and all performed by her).

They range in mood from the cheerful, sedate trot of Felix Arnst?s ?Nola?, through the moody, impassioned Spanish Dances (No 1 & 5) of Enrique Granados, to the joyous exuberant romp of Ro?s own ?Lime Pickle?.

Hopefully with 25 paintings and dances there is something for everyone. We hope that you?ll enjoy our audio-visual exhibition, as we have enjoyed creating it, as a celebration of Music and Art and rediscovered friendship.

Roo Sangster - Bullers


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