I Promise Not to Tell

Posted May 25, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
promise not to tell
Personal memoir dealing with domestic abuse-

When Brenda is nine, her mother dies in the family home. The trauma of it results in most of her childhood memories being repressed. At the age of sixteen an incident occurs that triggers the return of one memory. Over the next several years, most of her memories come back in bits and pieces. Many of these are laden with guilt and shame.

She begins to understand the complexity of her adolescence and comes to know the little girl that haunts her. With the lose of her mother at such an early age, she carries a sense of being alone and unloved.

She is drawn into abusive relationships and experiences withdrawal from her family. One of these relationships imprisons her for ten years, with a deplorable view of her life. With her revelation of many secrets, this is her journey to freedom and inner peace.

Book cover photo taken by Brenda M Weber


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