Art Matters - Delaware Roundup

Posted Apr 21, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Hole of Blue
Long Journey
Last of the First Snow
[Paquette's] work is marked by a touch of the divine throught his depiction of light. Often, a scrim of sorts lends the work a muted feel, though he still maintains a bold sense of composition. Pristine, even when the presence of humanity is included, his landscapes are marked by an adherence to how light lends itself well to vision while necessary color makes for added awe.

Woodlands are filled with unseen presences, spirits that are held fast within the trees. Paquette is a one-man Neo-Romantic movement, and there is truly a universal feel to his work that separates it from that of other landscape artists. Beyond light as a tangible entity, memory of place is made both anew and wide open. Indeed, the expansiveness of his palette is match precisely by his choice of wheat scene to paint.

RB Strauss in Art Matters [Philadelphia]
January 2005


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