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Haiku #1 for Percussion Sextet

Posted Feb 24, 2006
Last Updated Jun 23, 2012

The rain which now falls
Like tears to the frozen soil
Brings flowers in Spring

I composed this piece in 2003 for the Case Western Reserve University Percussion Ensemble. It is a three part poem for small percussion ensemble, based on a haiku I wrote in 1995. The structure of the piece matches the haiku form.

The first movement is written in 58 and uses metal instruments to mimic the sounds of rain. The instrumentation calls for glockenspiel, crotales, vibraphone, suspended cymbal, and two tambourines. However, due to technical limitations, the version you hear substitutes celesta for the crotales.

The second movement is written in 74 with a few 78 measures scatted throughout. The deep tones of two marimbas, a dark tam-tam, and toms clashes against the brightness of chimes and snare. The slow measured tones evoke frozen wastelands and dreary sadness.

The final movement completes the haiku in 58. Using two vibraphones, marimba, bongo, conga, and tom-toms, the skewed jazz blooms like springtime flowers.

I hope you enjoy the piece. If any percussion sextets are interested in performing this piece, send me an email using the email button below this articles. I am also available for those wishing to commission a percussion piece.


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