Recent Exhibitions

Posted Aug 1, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
1957 Posters for IOGT, Uppsala.
1963 1963 years price for best recordcover, Expressen.
1983 Pattern design for Kings Castles of Sweden (Kgl. Husgerådskammaren).
1987 Nominated and invited to Int. designprice, Malta.
1988 Nominated and invited to Diamond Star, Mexico.
1993 Gaileri Scaandinavia, Gothenburg.
1994 Galleri Domino, Gothenburg.
Västerledskyrkan, Bromma.
1996 Galleri no 1, Gla Stan, Stockholm.
Galleri Trekanten, Sigtuna.
Swedish Television (SVT) hold divine service about
my work “Jesus in the Temple” from Mariakyrkan, Sigtuna.
Höstsalongen, Mariakyrkan, Sigtuna.
1997 IFL, Sigtuna.
1998 Kroki 98, Galleri Trekanten, Sigtuna.
Vandring i konsten, Mariakyrkan. Sigtuna.
Höstsalongen, Mariakyrkan, Sigtuna.
Stockholm Art Fair 1998, Sollentuna, Stockholm.
Akvareller; Galleri Trekanten, Sigtuna.
Galleri Gripen, Mariefred.
Galleri GL, Stockholm.
1999 Stockholm Art Fair 1999, Sollentuna, Stockholm.
Galleri Trekanten, Collection together Ardy Struwer 0 Marcel v Zuilén.
City Art Gallery, Stockholm.
Int. Art Exhibition, Zalaegerszeg, Hungery (Jurynominated).
Culurcentra, Bazakerettyei, Hungery.
Grafiska Salongen, Väsby Konsthall, Stockholm. (Jurynominated).
"4 stipendiater", Galleri Trekanten, Sigtuna.
Vandring i konsten, Mariakyrkan, Sigtuna.
EURO ART 99, Int. Art Exhibition, Barcelone.
Höstsalongen, Mariakyrkan, Sigtuna.
2000 Versailles 2000 (FNCF), Paris (Jurynominated), (Price:Medailes les Arts).
Stockholm Art Fair 2000, Sollentuna, Stockholm.
"Ur gamla testamentet" Mariakyrkan, Sigtuna.
IFL, Sigtuna.
Akvarellsalongen, Väsby Konsthall, Stockholm. (Jurynominated).
EUROP ART 2000, Int. Art Fair, Geneve.
Medusa Aurea 2000, Accademia Int. D´arte Moderna, Rome, (Jurynominated).
Price: Cat. Pittura, Targa Merito Artistico, Reg. no. Fl. 122 N 3127.
Galleri Trekanten, Collection-exhibition 2000, Sigtuna.
The Baer Gallery, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
The Baer Gallery Inter-Net, U.S.A.
2001 Concours Int. Puget-Sur-Argens, France (Jurynominated).
Price: Grand Medaille Silver.
Grand Prix des Distinctions 2001, FNCF, France (Jurynominated),
Price: Medaille Trophee Reief Gold.
Var Art Int. Les Arcs, FNCF, France (Jurynominated, Price: Spec..Abstrait)
Les Victories 2001, FNCF, Saint Tropez, France (Jurynominated)
Price: Plaquette Victories, Gold 2001.
GAM ART GALLERl, FNCF, Port-Frejus, France.
VÃ¥rsalongen, Mariakyrkan, Sigtuna
The Baer Gallery, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
Invited to THE FOURTHEETH AWARD DINNER, The Swedish-American
Chamber of Commerce, Los Angels, USA (Silent Auction of Graphic Art)
Medusa Aurea 2001, Aceademia Int. D´Arte Moderna, Rome (Jurynominated.
Price: Cat Pittura, Sez Int il 4 Premio Fl 133 N 3410.)
Price: Cat Grafica Sez Nazionale, Troufeo Medusa Aurea.
FI 134 N 3431, Comunita Europea, (Targa Gold).
2002 City Art Gallery, Stockholm.
Int. Art Promotion Gallery, Bareelone.
Medusa Aurea 2002, Acceademia Int. D´Arte Moderna, Rome (Jurynominated.)
Price: Cat Pittura Sez Nazionale, 3 Premio, FI 139 N 3542, (Troufeo Medal Bronze).
AthelIo Soul Art Gallery, Stockholm.
2003 Awarded nazionale titel of Accademican Assosiated of AccademiaVerbano, Italy.
Nominated of Aceademia Int. Greci-Marino, decided to appoint for
high quality to titel PROFESSOR, Vinzaglio 7.03.2003, prot: -Apr/94/NA/CG/E-F, Italy.
MEETING 2003, Galleria d`Arte Moderna ALBA, Ferrara, Italy.
Awarded PREMIUM and TROPHY "LA DEA ALATA", The World of Art,
Gallria Centro Storico, Firenze, Italy. (Jurynominated).
Premlo ALBA, GOLD MEDAL, Italy (Jurynominated).
Athello Soul Art Gallery, Stockholm.
“TOILE d OR de LANNEE-2002-2003", FNCF, France (Jurynominated).
2004 Nominated to "SOLIDARlTE CULTURELLE FRANCAISE" and awarded
La Medaille de “Vermeil”, FNCF, France.
Official order of Sigtuna local government company Sigtunahem,
(Jubileum 50 Year) A big Art “Skötkonungens Trädgård” for the new office and
wall decoration 2 x 8 m. in companies new house.
1-125 ex serigrafi of motive: "SKÖTKONUNGENS TRÄDGÅRD".
Gallri Trekanten, Sigtuna, collection-exhibition, 3 painters.
Mariakyrkan, Sigtuna. Collection exhibition, ”KÄLLAN”.
BYGDENS KONSTVERK Sigtuna Museums utställningshall, Arranged for
Sigtuna Kulturforening, 31 painters, 96 works, showed only 2 works. (Jurynominated exhib.)
Premio “COSME TURA 2004” Diploma di Merito ALBA, Ferrara, Italy.
(Medal VICTORIA, Gold.) (Jurynominated).
2005 The sculpture “BOSTÄDER” placed in new area in Sigtuna, Official order.
Nominated and jury decided to appoint title ”ACCDEMICAN KNIGHT. (Cavaliere Accademico)
04.02.2005. prot: -Apr/94/NA/CG/E-F, Accademia Int.Greci-Marino, Italy.
Sigtuna Museum, "SKÖTKONUNGENS TRÄDGÅRDAR" (About King Olof Ericsson for
1000 years ago). One man show exhibition. Sigtuna, Sweden.
Invited to "GENOVA ART 2005."Awarded:”Gran Premio Int. Goldplate + Diploma de Merite”
(Jurynominated), Genova, Italy. (Accademia Il Marcocco, Firenze).
Invited to: "SPRIGIONA LA FANTASIA 2005" Torino, Italy. Awarded: "1:a premio Europa della
giuria, Goldmedal." (Jurynominated) (Accademia Int. Santarita, Torino).
2006 Nominated and le comite of “SOLIDARITE CULTURELLE FRANCAISE”
decided: “Grande Medaille D´or” (Goldmedal), FNCF, France.
BYGDENS KONST/DESIGN 2006, Sigtuna Museum. Organizer and member of jury,
Sigtuna Kulturförening, 28 painters/sculptors/designers, 85 works. (Jurynominated exhib.)
Accademia Int. Santarita, Torino: "Senato Accademico 2006 conferisce al pittore Larz Eldbåge
Il Titolo di Accademico ad Honorem per 1´Ordine di Michelangelo".

KARA ART GOLD AWARD, 28/04/06, Gold awarded for work and website - Kara Art, Geneva.


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Acrylic on Canvas Size: 115 x 105 cm Price: € 2800 / 28.000 SEK.

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Acrylic on Canvas Size: 70 x 50 cm Price: € 1200 / 12.000 SEK.