Eat the Evening Sky

Posted Apr 24, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Minwax by Lamplight
Next time when you're hungry, eat the evening sky;
Count upon the rising stars - let brilliant dreams fly.
Stay out until all essence of late shadow has passed.
Keep walking, so toes to damp earth don't freeze fast,
Don't sleep until the icy shroud is made to vaporize.
When your eyes beam back to space skies that wonder wise,
And the moon makes her full triumphant dazzling debut,
Just freeze-frame, paste the moment; it feeds the inner you.
But real soon you'll be back inside, warming your hide,
Wallowing in your bathtub, sitting on your backside.
Floating in warm water might seems a safe solution.
Cozy - yes, but there's no absolution in your ablution.
Your soul goes hungry while you wolf rewards of labor,
And toast every silly award you got for "good" behavior.
When the last drumstick is gone, what will you do?
Overfilled but unfulfilled, what have you done? Is this you?
Next time when you're hungry, eat the evening sky;
This time, rewind the tape, get out, sprout wings, and fly.
Roam far in white meadows and ponder the sunset's hue.
Sick of always blue? - then renew myself in you!
When your clothes tear and run bare, don't shiver and cry,
Blubber numb lipped with tears dripped before the ice sky.
Distill the spirit from that chill - from next dawns frozen dew
Peel off all the layers of things 'till nothing's left but you
With no food, no bed, no bath, no clothes, and no home to go to -
Rejoice and celebrate your life because... now what's left is you!


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