my paintings confiscated and missing by Mexican government

Posted Sep 2, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
March 2005 7 paintings are confiscated by Customs in Toluca Mexico --unexplained charges: these then disappear---paintings remain missing to date. I asked Mexican Embassy in USA --but they have been reluctant to help click here. I asked State Dept . for help(click here)- US Embassy in Mexico tried for a bit ... --------yet, paintings still missing as of August 2006. I love Mexico (in love with a Mexican painter!) .... and I am still waiting for my paintings to be rightfuly and in justice be returned. I am exhibiting in France (Sept. 2006) and sending my work to Greece (NOv. 2006)... and Florence (Dec. 2007).. hoping form more international exhibits... always hoing for not a repeat of Mexico. If anyone can help me, please do (you can read my letter to the State Dept. and the Mexican Embassy on my website). Visual artists should have rights as other artists do. Sadly, we do not. We are not only often asked to pay when we exhibit, but our work gets lost, impounded, confiscated.. ect.


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