at the edge

Posted Oct 25, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
I love to paint and rejoice at the whispering of art colors. However,you see my digital picture "At the edge".
In other words, artistic specialization and our attempts to measure each other according to the works that we exhibit grieve me. If the picture that I am drawing now will happen weaker than yesterday, would it mean that I too have become weaker? And what it will be in case I didn't make any picture at all tomorrow? Would I too become worse than I am?

The light drops shadows and my pictures do alike; they envision as our smile as the stumbling at a shift from the search of life’s meaning to the galleries’ comfort. Our pictures warship the light, but they do that by the BLACK tracks of our brushes on white canvases. That’s the mystery of life and the fine arts ABC.

I dare to name the artist the secular priest and thus I didn’t comment the artistic technique, but am talking about the spiritual attitude that the artists share with other in their works. I am talking not about the shapes of our crafts, but the essence of fine arts.
Artistic creation is impossible without some retreat to the solitude of our studios. Our spiritual renovation starts in a silence and the silence crashes the devastating loneliness. Thus prayer ends concern about oneself and opens the mouth for welcoming other, who isn’t a foreigner but the bearer of the same divine spirit. It is impossible to the light to be not shared with all around. And our artworks do thus. They are born in our meditations, but leave us to welcome everyone who hears what the colors are whispering.

I am eagerly looking forward to hearing from you, dear artists, dear viewers of the fine arts, and dear people of our wonderful earth. Let your comments and our reciprocal links testify our victory over the traps of self-deception.

It is due to God’s Holly Spirit that we can come in a hearty hug and discover ourselves in each other. What can be better than that. My "At the edge" has received the new content.


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