Echoing Dream

Posted Apr 25, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Minwax by Lamplight
Persistently Alarming Memory
who's there?
I shine my light into the dark
moving thru interiors down dark halls
keyholes open to compartments complex
a hole - distant - like water burning...
echo, echoing dream
I missed, I missed - disconnect
I listened as the mist dried up
there it is again
a voice - distant - like drains bubbling
barely discernible above the latest rave
(auditory audit - order it today!)
each ghost revisable as my flashlight passed
who's there?
echo, echoing dream
strange symbols crash there
less loud as they struggle to get away
when you look away, then they look at you
but if you didn't see, how'd you know they did?
unremembered undercover movements
who else is here with me?
echo, echoing dream
there it is again
a ping - distant - like bells escaping
flying away, the echo now fading
oh no - don't let them go
they grow hollow without eyelids
evaporate the dawn - close me back in!
I?ll take your invisible arms over
two arms bright and empty
too late - hang up, wake up, get up
all gone - its echo erased


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