To Chinese oil painting prospect one kind of extrapolation

Posted Sep 28, 2007
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012

What the oil painting in present age world culture position is? This is precisely we the cultural superintendent, the artist, the theoretician must discuss today, present stage domestic and foreign esthetics are flooding "oil painting dispelling theory", "art with an improper method to theory" as well as the Chinese oil painting fatalism. But has very many people to believe the Chinese oil painting future the light, its function cannot the modern impact but lose after the west. Perhaps its instinct has the transformation, but took one kind of cultural the carrier, has more opportunities in the new time and the challenge.

Based on to the Chinese oil painting present situation analysis, the space which the initiation pondered, in by causes the wrong proposition response and the retort regarding some wild talk west oil paintings declines which the Eastern oil painting also inevitably declines. Lost the goal to some then to lose the direction artist and the institute students gives theoretically making corrections, regarding persisted studied assiduously diligently on the oil painting path as well as believed the Chinese oil painting could magnificently rise a human theory support, in on academic had the guiding sense.


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