River of my Ancestors

Posted Jan 26, 2008
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
River of my Ancestors©    by Bob W. Lipetz

Brown muddy river of my ancestors.
I lay down beside you.

Here my children shall bury me
And plant a willow to shade my days
And sing to me of stars and lovers.

Ancient river, how long have you made love to the earth?
Slipping through her red clay furrow,
Deep in the dark bottoms,
You lay together.

I the child of the Euphrates,
Stare in wonder at the strangers
Who sail past your fertile banks.

Deep soul of the Nile,
Lurking like a crocodile.
Drink me deep, drink me long.

I seek your secrets,
Murmured quietly over round rocks,
When no one is listening.

Speak to me of things you know,
Sun and clouds, fish and bones.

I will tell you of sweat and hopes,
Dreams and sorrows.

Ancient mother,
I suckle at your breast,
Lost in your vastness,
I am but a leaf in your current.

You carry me to the sea,
Where I taste your tears.


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