Elizabeth Berrien

Equine wire sculpture by Elizabeth
wire sculpture gymnast
mountain goat wire sculpture
Elizabeth Berrien, ranked among the world's finest wire sculptors, creates intricately expressive, museum quality wire sculptures of cats, equines, wildlife, humans and botanicals... any subject is possible. The artist has a unique gift for animals portraiture in wire - her wire sculpture wall masks seem to look right at the viewer. Berrien's 37-year career as a wire sculpture is highlighted with a steady string of exhibits in musems and upscale galleries, including Nieman-Marcus and Gump's. Her works are collected worldwide. Major clients include Louisville International Airport (home of the landmark wire sculpture Pegasus), Disney World, Los Angeles Zoo, architects and interior designers. In 2004, Elizabeth Berrien received the prestigious Victor Jacoby Award of 43,500 for innovation and excelelence in the arts. She is founder of Wire Sculpture International, the worldwide guild of wire sculptors.

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Elizabeth Berrien

Posted on Jun 20, 2012 | Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Equine wire sculpture by Elizabethmountain goat wire sculpturewire sculpture gymnast

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