Carole Estrup

Carole is a self-taught painter who first came to love myth, legend and lore at the knees of her native grandmothers. She has studied, first hand, the Choco and Cuna tribes of Central America and the Ainu of Japan, as well as religions of the Far East. Her work has received acclaim on both coasts of the United States, in Panama, the Netherlands and Japan. Also a writer and poet, her website includes a sampling of her writing and a tribute to close friend, sculptor Frank James Morgan.

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Worldwide Indiginous People

Posted on Jul 19, 2006 | Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Paradise LostThe Prize

snapshots of human history

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native, history, wild horses, rainforest, humankind

Flesh and Gold

Posted on Jul 14, 2006 | Last Updated Jun 21, 2012

21st Century neo-Klimt

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Klimt, Estrup, gold, oils,


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Jansen Fred

Apr 3, 2007

My essay, titled "Klimt and the Purity of Death," comparing Gustav Klimt and Carole Estrup, can be read in the new (April/May) edition of Subtle Tea (Just add Spirit)- - I hope you will enjoy it and invite your commments.


Fred Jansen

Oct 5, 2006

Just outstanding and dynamic through and through! Bravo!