My Rapture






I studied Fine Art for a couple of years at college and enjoy working with many different mediums. I love the way black and white blends together and the varying shades and tones in the spectrum.





Inspiration for my work comes from a range of different vices, an expression, a moment, skin tones & complexions, textures, colour, sound, sensation, memories, hopes, fears and fantasy and   I hope to share my own personal rapture through my work. I have sold my art on greetings cards and as framed prints and have had the chance to complete a few commissions.





I love the form of the body, the curves and contours, tones and textures. I work with many other subjects, but the body is my favorite.





Photography is a combination of subjective thought, creative imagination, visual design, technical skills and practical organizing ability.





All the importance lies on the subject itself, a diagram of a happening.





It is also a powerful medium of persuasion and propaganda.





 A means of personal self-expression......capturing your seeing.......





The camera is a visual notebook giving us power and purpose.





A photograph can intrigue through its posing of questions, keeping the viewer returning to read new things from the image.


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My Rapture

Posted on Jun 19, 2012 | Last Updated Jun 21, 2012

I am a Photographer & Artist.

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Deep in thought

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