What is the Artistic Network?

Posted Mar 23, 2005
Last Updated Apr 19, 2020

The Artistic Network is an online portfolio and networking service for artists, writers, photographers, musicians and other creative types. The website is free, and it allows members to post their work on the web for anyone to see around the world.

The site includes extensive search utilities so that people browsing the site can find artists and their work through many paths.

Each member on the site has a profile with links to his/her/their websites. Members can upload images and music files to their profiles or articles. Visual artists can have slideshows of their work automatically generated from the content they load to the site, or display their work in an attractive magazine-like layout. Each member has a built-in guestbook.

You don't need to be a Web expert to use our site. Uploading images and music is as simple as dragging and dropping (or clicking a few buttons). 

Another extremely important quality of this site is that it was built to be search-engine friendly. That means that search engines index it regularly. If used properly, your work will be found via external searches on sites like Google and Yahoo.

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