How much does it cost to become a member?

Posted Apr 29, 2005
Last Updated Apr 19, 2020

When we send out emails to artists and creative groups, we invariably hear the inevitable question--how much does membership cost? The answer seems to surprise many people--Membership is Free!

There is no fee to join and use this site. That means that artist and creative group can add their profile, images, MP3s, articles and events without paying a single dime.

Some have proclaimed that this is too good to be true. Nothing is free!!, they say. Well, we have to assure you, this site has no charge for membership. We make our money from the ads that appear on many pages. That means, for us, the better site we make that more people use, the more we make.

We have a few add-in features planned for the future that may entail annual fees. If/when we implement those features (such as selling art, books, etc), the site will still remain free for the services that we currently offer. In the event we add selling services, members will only have to pay for the privelege of selling if they choose to sign up for those add-in services.

Again, this site is free! It may seem too good to be true, but it's the truth.


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