Artistic Network upgrades to Webonizer

Posted Jun 28, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012

The Artistic Network is now running on the Webonizer Content Management System. For the most part, most members will not notice many changes as Webonizer was developed by the developers of the Artistic Network. Most changes that Artistic Network members will notice are changes in directory structures. Some bookmarks may have to be updated.

One major change is that the RSS Feed links must be updated. All addresses for all members’ RSS Feeds have been changed to accommodate the standard Webonizer structure.

By using Webonizer, the Artistic Network will experience some faster development rates as it is now part of a modularized Content Management System designed for multiple levels of services.

A few more changes members will notice:

  • Updating Multiple media files in an article/profile can be done in a group rather than individually.
  • Articles can now be flagged to use FULL HTML (allowing finer control over how an article displays when using various HTML tags). Formerly, all articles automatically broke content at newlines, which could be disastrous when HTML was broken with newlines.
  • Login Security has been increased—if someone has four consecutive failed login attempts, their IP address is banned from logging in for fifteen minutes.

There are other changes with the update, but most are behind the scenes.